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Health care rights is an interesting but non existent concept. If you look at basic granted, they are generally of those things with which we, and all things, were born and very basic in nature. With that opinion stated, too many people use health and health as one an the same which they are not. Absolutely I favor the current system over the new ACA and this is why. For those who cannot afford insurance would much rather pick up the cost of actual CARE than insurance, they still MUST receive health CARE. When a person cannot pay for their health care, then we all pick it up through higher insurance premiums, etc. but it covers only that CARE and not the profits of an insurance company that premiums will contain. As far as using higher cost emergency rooms, yes, that needs to be FIXED but theentire system does not need to be thrown out for a system that can ONLY raise costs for all. This is especially true of those who can afford a bronze plan premiums but still must exhaust very high deductibles before they are able to use their plan.

Evil Gloating: Lagutin muses about how unfair life is he doesn’t want to live but he will, and Makar wants to but will not. Guns Akimbo: Makar in one of the last scenes. Subverted: he’s out of bullets and drops the guns. Heroic Sacrifice: It’s not like Marquis didn’t see it coming when he shot Lagutin in front of the whole gang. “I Am” Song: Marquis’Song of a Rapier ( Icy Blue Eyes: Lagutin Innocent Blue Eyes: Marquis and Makar Intergenerational Friendship: Marquis and Keshka, later Makar and Keshka. Killed Off for Real: Marquis. sniff MacGuffin: The stolen Tikhvinsky’s collection. Master Swordsman: Marquis is a former fencing teacher. Nice Guy: Makar Red Baron: Shilovsky, known as Marquis. Renaissance Man: Closer to the end of the film it is revealed that Marquis was a Fine Arts student good enough to be sent on training to Italy, and that he worked as an aviator, a huntsman, a circus performer http://www.themadhattershow1865.com/2013/02/21/later-the-lady-of-pain-and-fire-takes-over-leadership-of-the/, a jockey, a fencing teacher. He is also a poet if we are to believe that, in universe, the songs he sings in the film were written by him. Revolvers Are Just Better: The cast is armed with revolvers and Mauser C96 pistols. Truth in Television, given the time. Scenery Porn: The Saint Petersburg cityscapes. Lampshaded by Marquis’ nostalgic song about the city’s beauty. Also, gorgeous shots of the Kirilo Belozersky monastery in the end. Sinister Shades: Tarakanov Title Drop: By Makar, twice. Warrior Poet: Marquis Wicked Cultured: Lagutin What the Hell, Hero?: When Makar calls Marquis out on his aiding the Jerkass Tarakanov in his attempts to smuggle the collection abroad. White Shirt of Death: Both Makar and Marquis in the end. Subverted in the case of Makar, who survives.

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